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Telluride Paintings

Into the Shadows

12x12, oil, SOLD  


2014 of Crested Butte, Colorado

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Rooftop-Rally-9x12 Across-the-River-Valley-6x8-$450 web-12 Mountain Village    6x8   $400 Winter-Sunsert-Study-9x12

Oh-Be-Joyful from the Top of Monument

6x8, oil

Across the River Valley

6x8, oil

Mt. Creste Butte from Painter Boy

20x30, oil, SOLD

Black Canyon Sunset

12x9, oil, SOLD

A Fall Drive 11x14 $1250 Peanut 16x12 $1450 Reflections and Silhouettes 9 x 12 $750 Evening Theater email Brilliant Interlude 20x20 $3500 Peacefull Morning 8x10 $650

Reflections and Silhouettes

12x9, oil

A Fall Drive

11x14, oil

Pink Veil on the Red Lady

11x14, oil

Brilliant Interlude

20x20, oil

Evening Theater

8x10, oil, SOLD

Peaceful Morning

8x10, oil, SOLD


16x12, oil

Mountain Village

6x8, oil

Rooftop Rally

9x12, oil

Winter Sunset Study

9x12, oil

Snow Pillow

8x8, oil

Black Canyon Sunset 12x9

East River Fall

9x12, oil, SOLD    

Into the Shadows 12x12 East-River-Fall-9x12 First-Light-on-Teo-12x16 Mt.-Crested-Butte-from-Painterboy-20x30 Pink-Veil-on-the-Red-Lady-11x14 Snow-Pillow-8x8

First Light onTeo

12x16, oil

Fog-Lifts-over-CB-6x12 Fog-over-CB-9x12 Gothic-and-Mt.-CB Gothic-at-Sunrise-11x14 Red-Lady-from-the-4-Way-9x12 Shadowplay,-First-of-June-9x12

Fog Lifts Over CB

6x12, oil

Shadowplay First of June

9x12, oil

Gothic at Sunrise

11x14, oil

Fog Over CB

9x12, oil

Gothic and Mt. CB

8x10, oil, SOLD

Red Lady from the 4-Way

9x12, oil


A Teo Morning

24x18, oil, SOLD