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Telluride Paintings

Into the Shadows

12x12, oil, SOLD  


2014 of Crested Butte, Colorado

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Rooftop-Rally-9x12 Across-the-River-Valley-6x8-$450 web-12 Mountain Village    6x8   $400 Winter-Sunsert-Study-9x12

Oh-Be-Joyful from the Top of Monument

6x8, oil, $450

Across the River Valley

6x8, oil, $400

Mt. Creste Butte from Painter Boy

20x30, oil, SOLD

Black Canyon Sunset

12x9, oil, SOLD

A Fall Drive 11x14 $1250 Peanut 16x12 $1450 Reflections and Silhouettes 9 x 12 $750 Evening Theater email Brilliant Interlude 20x20 $3500 Peacefull Morning 8x10 $650

Reflections and Silhouettes

12x9, oil, $795

A Fall Drive

11x14, oil, $1,100

Pink Veil on the Red Lady

11x14, oil $1,500

Brilliant Interlude

20x20, oil, $2,500

Evening Theater

8x10, oil, SOLD

Peaceful Morning

8x10, oil, $650


16x12, oil, $1,250

Mountain Village

6x8, oil, $550

Rooftop Rally

9x12, oil, $700

Winter Sunset Study

9x12, oil, $700

Snow Pillow

8x8, oil, $600

Black Canyon Sunset 12x9

East River Fall

9x12, oil, SOLD    

Into the Shadows 12x12 East-River-Fall-9x12 First-Light-on-Teo-12x16 Mt.-Crested-Butte-from-Painterboy-20x30 Pink-Veil-on-the-Red-Lady-11x14 Snow-Pillow-8x8

First Light onTeo

12x16, oil, $1,400

Fog-Lifts-over-CB-6x12 Fog-over-CB-9x12 Gothic-and-Mt.-CB Gothic-at-Sunrise-11x14 Red-Lady-from-the-4-Way-9x12 Shadowplay,-First-of-June-9x12

Fog Lifts Over CB

6x12, oil

Shadowplay First of June

9x12, oil, $950

Gothic at Sunrise

11x14, oil

Fog Over CB

9x12, oil, $750

Gothic and Mt. CB

8x10, oil, SOLD

Red Lady from the 4-Way

9x12, oil $950


A Teo Morning

24x18, oil, SOLD