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In December of 2008 I received Best of Show in the 2nd annual Denver Plein Air Arts Festival.  Beginning in 2009, during the Plein Air Exhibition, the Byers-Evans House Museum will host a show for the previous year’s winner.


Our world is home to landscapes more beautiful than my imagination could ever contrive. Nature provides an endless source of inspiration and compositions.  To paint from life is not only to capture the likeness of a place, but also to evoke a sense of being aware.  I am fascinated by ski runs glowing under moonlight,  mesmerized by aspen reflections, and humbled by the resilience of a ponderosa pine.  These paintings depict landscapes in Colorado,  Italy and Southern Africa.  


-Nicholas Reti



7 AM - Elk Mountains, Colorado

Last night the rain beat my tent with relentless percussion. Gentle drizzles became pounding chaos. I could just make out the hard centers of the hail through the tent in the morning light. At sunup the clouds raced across the peaks and over the lake at a dizzying speed. Whimsical clouds of pink, purple and yellow tumbled through the sky. First light revealed a metallic lake under a cool, wet mist and steady rain. I took refuge from the weather under the giant lower limbs of a regal blue spruce which stood guard over my campsite. The walls of rain that pounded my tent through the night were now visible as ribbons snaking across the shimmering lake. The colors of fall clung to the aspens and rustled in the wind. A violent gust descended across the lake and the sky was filled with speckles of yellow, red and orange. The clouds parted briefly and a sliver of warm sun touched my face. Everything glistened in its brief appearance. The gust passed and the quiet of the valley returned only to reveal a distant wind winding its way through the restless trees. Dark purple clouds weighed down the western sky and the forest waited for snow.