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Frosty Morning Sunrise      30x40       oil on canvas         SOLD

Tranquility     12 x 12      o/cp    SOLD

at Oh-Be-Joyful gallery


Silver Queen Sunrise     20x20       oil on canvas     SOLD

Fleeting Canyon Light       9x12      o/p     $750

OBJ from Top of Monument  

4x6   oil on canvas   $450


Mt. CB from the Town Bench  8 x 10    o/cp   SOLD

Lucky Townie       9x9       oil on canvas     SOLD

Paintings of the Grand Canyon

Canyon Colors at Sunrise   16 x 16       o/p    

SOLD at Art For LIfe 2012

Eagles Perch     20 x 16    o/p    

SOLD at Art For LIfe 2012

Library at Dusk   8x10    oil on canvas    SOLD

Covered in Snow - at Oh be Joyful Gallery - January 26, 2012

Silver Queen Sunrise_20x20_$2650 Frosty Morning Sunrise_30x40_$5600 Good Ole Boy_8x10_$650 Lucky Townie_9x9_$750 Mt. Crested Butte from the Town Bench_8x10_$650 Oh Be Joyful From top of Monument_6x8_$450 Old Rock Library at Dusk_8x10_$650 Reindeer Study_6x8_$450 The Peak from lower International_8x6_$450 Tranquility_12x12_$950 Whestone from top of Painterboy_8x6_$450

Good Ole Boy     8x10       oil on canvas     SOLD

Reindeer      6 x 8    oil on canvas    $550


The Peak from International  

4x6   oil on canvas  SOLD

Whetstone from top of Painterboy

4x6   oil on canvas  SOLD

Canyon Colors at Sunrise 16x16 $1650 Eagles Perch_20x16_$1850 Fleeting Canyon Light 9x12 $750

Becky and the Dogs     16x16    o/c    $1,450

Cowboy Coffee    18x18    oil on canvas    $2,000


Becky and the Dogs_16x16_$1650 Cowboy Coffee_18x18_$1750