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Varenna Shadows

12x10, oil on linen, $1,050

More Paintings

ITALY 2013

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Florence Alleyway

10x10, oil on linen, $950

Street Market Venice

10x12, oil on linen, $1,050

A Peaceful Campaniello

8x6, oil on linen, NFS

Menaggio Centro

10x8, oil on linen, $750

Barga Textures

12x8, oil on linen, $900

Night on the Grand Canal

10x10, oil on linen, NFS

Full Moon Over the Grand Canal

10x10, oil on linen, $1,000

The Gondola Stop

10x8, oil on linen, $750

The Lion of Vorno

6x8, oil on linen, $550


8x12, oil on linen, $900

The Top of Europe

10x12, oil on linen, $1,050

Sunrise over Lake Como

8x12, oil on linen, $900

First Morning in Venice

8x10, oil on linen, $750

Sunrise from the Accademia Bridge

10x12, oil on linen, $1,050

A-Peaceful-Campaniello-6x8 Full-Moon-over-the-Grand-Canal-10x10 Night-on-the-Grand-Canal-10x10 Morning-on-a-Canal-8x6 1st-morning-in-Venice-8x10 San-Marco-by-Moonlight-12x8 Street-Market-Vinice-10x12 Sunrise-from-the-Accademia-Bridge-10x12 The-Gondola-Stop-10x8

San Marco by Moonlight

12x10, oil on linen, $950

Morning on a Canal

8x6, oil on linen, $550


Monte Bianco, Lago di Como, Barga, Vorno

Sunrise-over-Lake-Como-8x12 The-Top-of-Europe-10x12 Menaggio-Centro-10x8 Varenna-Shadows-12x10 Barga-Textures-12x8 Barga-8x12 Firenze-Alley-9x12 The-Lion-of-Vorno-6x8 Pisa-sketch

sketch of Pisa

sketch-of-Menelaus-supporting-the-body-of-Patroclus skecth-of-Pio-Fedi's-The-Rape-of-Polyxena-1865 sketch-of-Hercules-And-Centaur-Sculpture

sketches from the Loggia Della Signoria, Florence

I used to love to draw here when I was in school in 2000.

sketch--of-Piazza-San-Marco Sketch-of-Venice-LIon

sketch of Piazza San Marco

sketch of the Leon di Venezia

In the Shadow of the Rialto 16x20 copy Moonrise over Venice at Sunset 24x32

In the Shadow of the Rialto

16x20, oil on canvas panel, $2,250

Moonrise over Venice at Sunset

32x24, oil on canvas, $4,000