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Sun and Sandstone

10x8, oil  SOLD

Mesa Verde April 2013

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Sun Point View

10x8, oil

Montezuma Sunset

4x16, oil

Park Point Sunset

4x16, oil

Cliff Palace Sunset no. 2

6x16, oil

Mancos Valley

8x10, oil

Cliff Palace Sunset no. 1

6x16, oil

Tse and Slish

8x12, oil

Spruce Tree Afternoon

8x12, oil

Park-Point-Sunset Montezuma-Sunset Sun-and-Sandstone-10x8 Sun-Point-View-10x8 Cliff-Palace-Sunset-study-1 Cliff-Palace-Sunset-study-2 Spruce-Tree-Afternoon-8x12 Tse-and-Slish-8x12 Mancos-Valley-8x10 Mesa-Verde-Drawing-Logo Mesa-Verde-Drawing-Square-Tower-House Mesa-Verde-Drawing-study-for-Spruce-Tree-House Mesa-Verde-Drawing-Spruce-Tree-House-Windows Mesa-Verde-Drawing-Duck-jars Mesa-Verde-Drawing-Double-Mug Mesa-Verde-Drawing-Band-Designs Mesa-Verde-Drawing-3-shards

Spruce tree House sketch

sketches of Mesa Verde Pottery

sketch for Spruce Tree Afternoon

Square Tower House sketch