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Paradise and Town        16 x 20        oil on canvas     SOLD

at Oh Be Joyful gallery

Lupine Silhouetes     8 x  8     oil on canvas   SOLD


Glacier Lilies        8 x 8       oil on canvas     SOLD


Dogwood Townies       9 x 12      oil on canvas      SOLD

Spring on Whetstone      6 x 8    oil on panel   SOLD


Cottonwood Creek     20 x 20     oil on canvas   $2,150


Afternoon Break Camp 4   12 x 12   oil on canvas  SOLD

at Oh Be Joyful Gallery

Dogwood-Townie Glacier-Lillies Spring-Paradise-and-Town Lupine-Silhouettes Cottonwood-Creek Spring-on-Whetstone Afternoon-Break-Camp-4