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Paintings 2017

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September Zenith

30x40, oil, $10,500

Colorado River Colors

11x14, oil, SOLD

Alpenglow Over Paradise (Study)

9x12, oil, SOLD

Aspen at First Light

12x12, oil, SOLD

Fall in CB

8x16, oil, SOLD

Forest Kaleidoscope

9x12, oil, SOLD


54x36, oil, SOLD

Beartooth Sunrise (Study)

11x14, oil, SOLD

Summer Lights CB

6x8, oil, SOLD

East River Shadows

9x12, oil

Teo Sunrise Study

8x10, oil, SOLD

Scenic Road Home

11x14, oil

Shafer Canyon Sunrise

10x8, oil, SOLD

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Powder and Gold - Gothic

11x14, oil, SOLD

September Zenith

11x14, oil, SOLD

Yellowstone Falls

12x12, oil, SOLD

Last Light on Last Dollar Colorado River Colors II 22x30 Dark Canyon Reflections (study) 12x12 Fall Rusting 9x12 Dusk Descends on Paradise 18x24 A Forest Song 14x11 Still and Gentle 12x12 Convergence Falls 12x9 High Oasis under Mineral Point 6x8 Snowfields from Paradise DIvide 6x8

Dark Canyon Reflections (Study)

12x12, oil, $1,500

Snowfields From Paradise Divide

6x8, oil, $700

High Oasis Under Mineral Point

6x8, oil, $700

A Forest Song

14x11, oil, SOLD

Still and Gentle

12x12, oil, SOLD

Dusk Descends on Paradise

18x24, oil, SOLD

Colorado River Colors II

22x30, oil, SOLD

Convergnce Falls

12x9, oil, $1,200

Fall Rusting

9x12, oil, $1,200

Last Light on Last Dollar

36 x 72, oil, SOLD