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Fall 2014

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Autumnal Assemblage

24x24, oil, SOLD

Camp 4 in Purple and Blue

18x18, oil, SOLD

Garden of Extraordinary Beauty

15x30, oil, SOLD

The Beauty of Autumn

32x24, oil, SOLD

Rhinos on Parade

12x9, oil, SOLD

The Peak Hike

12x12, oil, SOLD

Zig Zags on Hastings Mesa

20x30, oil, SOLD

Last Light on the Valley Floor

32x84, oil, SOLD

Whatever, USA

9x12, oil, SOLD

Blue Gorilla

12x9, oil

Bluebird Day on Elk

9x12, oil, SOLD

Elk Ave. in Blue

9x12, oil, SOLD

Last-Light-on-the-Valley-Floor-32x84 Autumnal-Assemblage-24x24 The-Beauty-of-Autumn-32x24 Camp-4-in-Purple-and-Blues-18x18 Peak-Hike-12x12 Zig-Zags-on-Hastings-Mesa-20x30 Garden-of-Extraordinary-Beauty-15x30 01-WhateverUSA-9x12-copy 02-Rhinos-on-Parade-12x9-copy 03-Bluebird-Day-on-Elk-Ave-9x12-copy 04-Blue-Gorilla-12x9-copy 05-Elk-Ave-in-Blue-9x12-copy

Whatever, USA