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Paintings 2018

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White Ribbon

6x8, oil, $700

Snow Making Hoodoos

8x10, oil, $900


8x8, oil, SOLD

Yule Lake Colors

10x8, oil, $900

Moonset Over Baldy

8x8, oil, $700

Snowy River Shadows

18x24, oil, SOLD

Ski Confetti

10x10, oil, SOLD

An Evening in the Cottonwoods

9x12, oil, $1,200

Paradise Blues

8x8, oil, $700

Campfire Study

8x10, oil, SOLD

IMG_6003 IMG_6031 IMG_6028 IMG_6017 IMG_6011 IMG_6008 IMG_5938 IMG_0173

Snow and Townies

11x14, oil, $1,200

IMG_5917 IMG_5925 IMG_5930 IMG_5935 IMG_5845

Aspen Kaleidoscope

10x8, oil SOLD

A Brilliant Grove

24x18, oil, $4,000

IMG_0171 IMG_9619

Peak Fall Red Lady in Paradise

20x40, oil, SOLD

Dark Canyon Reflections

30x30, oil

Kebler Pass Fall 32x46

Gold Rush on Kebler Pass

32x46, oil, SOLD