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Black Lake under Longs Peak

8x10, oil

PLEIN AIR ROCKIES 2013 and Rocky Mountain National Park

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High Country Cascade

10x8, oil

High Country Lake Sunset

6x8, oil, SOLD

Alberta Falls Morning

12x9, oil

A Waterfall Memory

8x6, oil, SOLD

Sunrise on the Ridge

10x8, oil

Timber Lake Sunrise

12x10, oil

Backlit Rock Study

6x8, oil

Peak Color

8x10, oil

First Light at Loch Vale

6x10, oil, NFS

Timber Lake Silhouettes

10x12, oil

Trail Ridge Sunrise

16x20, oil


Alberta-Falls-Morning-12x9 A-Waterfall-Memory-8x6 Mini-Lake-of-Glass-6x4 Loch-Rock-10x8 Timber-Lake-Silhouettes-10x12 Trail-Ridge-Sunrise-16x20

Lake of Glass Mini

6x4, oil, SOLD

High-Country-Cascade-10x8 Black-Lake-under-Longs-Peak-8x10 First-Light-at-Loch-Vale-6x10 High-Country-Lake-Sunset-6x8 Timber-Lake-Sunrise-12x10 Sunrise-on-the-Ridge-10x8 Peak-Color-8x10 Backlit-Rock-Study-6x8

Loch Rock

10x8, oil

Loch-and-Trees-Study-8x10 Lake-of-Glass-20x16 Rocky-Mountain-Interlude-18x24

Rocky Mountain Interlude

18x24, oil, SOLD

Lake of Glass

20x16, oil, NFS

Loch and Trees study

8x10, oil

Loch Shadows 16x20 Warm Valley Colors 11x14

Loch Shadows

16x20, oil, SOLD

Selected as the 2013 Publicity image.

Warm Valley Shadows

11x14, oil