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Black Lake under Longs Peak

8x10, oil, $650

PLEIN AIR ROCKIES 2013 and Rocky Mountain National Park

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High Country Cascade

10x8, oil, $650

High Country Lake Sunset

6x8, oil, SOLD

Alberta Falls Morning

12x9, oil, $750

A Waterfall Memory

8x6, oil, SOLD

Sunrise on the Ridge

10x8, oil, $715

Timber Lake Sunrise

12x10, oil, $800

Backlit Rock Study

6x8, oil, $550

Peak Color

8x10, oil, $715

First Light at Loch Vale

6x10, oil, NFS

Timber Lake Silhouettes

10x12, oil, $800

Trail Ridge Sunrise

16x20, oil, $1,850


Alberta-Falls-Morning-12x9 A-Waterfall-Memory-8x6 Mini-Lake-of-Glass-6x4 Loch-Rock-10x8 Timber-Lake-Silhouettes-10x12 Trail-Ridge-Sunrise-16x20

Lake of Glass Mini

6x4, oil, SOLD

High-Country-Cascade-10x8 Black-Lake-under-Longs-Peak-8x10 First-Light-at-Loch-Vale-6x10 High-Country-Lake-Sunset-6x8 Timber-Lake-Sunrise-12x10 Sunrise-on-the-Ridge-10x8 Peak-Color-8x10 Backlit-Rock-Study-6x8

Loch Rock

10x8, oil, $650

Loch-and-Trees-Study-8x10 Lake-of-Glass-20x16 Rocky-Mountain-Interlude-18x24

Rocky Mountain Interlude

18x24, oil, $2,500

Lake of Glass

20x16, oil, $1,850

Loch and Trees study

8x10, oil, $715

Loch Shadows 16x20 Warm Valley Colors 11x14

Loch Shadows

16x20, oil, $1,850

Selected as the 2013 Publicity image.

Warm Valley Shadows

11x14, oil, $1150