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The Loch

30x30, oil, SOLD

Sold Paintings

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Powder Day Camp 4

16x20, oil, SOLD

Trail to Lake of Glass

18x24, oil, SOLD


Valley Colors

9x12, oil, SOLD

Trail in Autumn

8x8, oil, SOLD

The-Loch-30x30- Rocky-Mountain-Hike-18x24 Showtime-12x6-$600 Powder-Day-Camp-4-16x20 Valley-Colors_Winter-9x12


12x6, oil, SOLD

Irwin Beach Rocks 9x12 Irwin Morning 9x12 Telluride Fire 10x8 $650

Telluride Fire

10x8, oil, SOLD

Irwin Morning

9x12, oil, SOLD

Irwin Beach Rocks

9x12, oil, SOLD

East-River-Sunset-9x12 High Country Abundance 18x30 $3100 Waterfall Study 8x8 Deep-Winter-Blues-10x10 An-Autumn-Drive-10x8-$650 Gothic-and-Mt.-CB-at-Sunset-6x8-$500 Telluride-at-its-Peak-30x24-$3750

Mt. CB and Gothic

6x8, oil, SOLD

East River Sunset

9x12, oil, SOLD

Tellride at its Peak

30x24, oil, SOLD

An Autumn Drive

10x8, oil, SOLD

High Country Abundance

18x36, oil, SOLD

Deep Winter Blues

10x10, oil, SOLD

Watefall Study

8x8, oil, NFS

Gothic-Valley-Sunrise-24x36 Camp-4-Kaleidoscope Columbines-in-the-Garden-8x8 Bear-Creek-Pillows-16x12 The-Loch-6x8

Camp 4 Kaleidescope

9x12, oil, SOLD

Loch Study

6x8, oil, SOLD

Columbines in the Garden

8x8, oil, SOLD

Gothic Valley Sunrise

24x36, oil, SOLD

Bear Creek Pillows

16x12, oil, SOLD

Crested-Butte-from-the-Mallardi-24x18 Pinecone-Study-8x6 Snowy-Night-Camp-4-20x20 Telluride-Aglow-12x12 The-Peak,-20x16,-oil-on-canvas-board,-$1,850 Showtime-II-12x6 Jaws-over-Telluride-8x8 Illumination-16x12 The-Dogwood-16x16 Sunrise-at-Summit-Lake-30x36

Jaws over Telluride

8x8, oil, SOLD

Pinecone Study

10x8, oil, SOLD

The Peak

20x16, oil, SOLD

Mt. CB from the Mallardi

20x16, oil, SOLD

Telluride Aglow

12x12, oil, SOLD

Showtime II

12x6, oil, SOLD


16x12, oil, SOLD


18x18, oil, SOLD

Snowy Night Camp 4

20x20, oil, SOLD

Sunrise at Summit Lake

30x36, oil, SOLD